Space for cycling

LCC’s Space for Cycling Campaign is calling on every candidate in this year’s council elections in London, to support one specific action to create safe Space for Cycling in their area.

The London Cycling Campaign believes that every Londoner, whatever their age or ability, deserves safe and inviting space for cycling on all London’s streets. This is at the heart of our Space for Cycling Campaign ahead of the London 2014 Local Elections.

We are calling on every candidate in this year’s London borough council elections to improve quality of life for all, by making local streets safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.

It follows directly from our successful Love London, Go Dutch campaign in 2012, which won a promise from the Mayor, Boris Johnson, to make the streets under his control as safe and inviting for cycling as Holland.

Following this success we’re now calling on councils to also create Dutch style space for cycling in the streets they control. By working together the Mayor and Councils can turn the whole of our city into a place in which all Londoners, whatever their age or ability, have the choice to make and enjoy their everyday journeys safely by cycle.

Councils control over 95% of London’s streets. They have the power to create Space for Cycling by lowering vehicle speeds, removing through motor traffic on minor/residential streets, installing physically protected space on main roads, and by opening up our green areas for cycling.

 One of our supportersEveryone will benefit, but in particular councils can make it make it safer for London’s children to cycle to school and can improve London’s town centres by making them easier to visit by bike.

Space for Cycling is all about galvanising local public opinion to inspire those who want to be the next generation of London’s councillors to use this power if elected, to create safe Space for Cycling on London’s streets.